Additional Subject

Zidane : Hey wanfa, how are you?
Wanfa : I'm good, and you?
Zidane : I'm good too.  Hey, have you taken additional subject?
Wanfa : No,  I haven't
Zidane : So,  what will you choose?
Wanfa : I don't know,  I haven't planned it.
Zidane : Do you want to take Economic with me?
Wanfa : I don't know..
Zidane : Come on, economic is fun, you can learn about inflation, umempolyment, etc
Wanfa : I think I don'n like it
Zidane : You can also learn about entrepreneurship
Wanfa : Yeah, it's interesting. But, I feel difficulty learn economic
Zidane : yeah, you can choose others. My suggestion, you can choose subject that you like and you think it's easy
Wanfa : Yes, I think I will choose Germany , because it more funny
Zidane : Yes, it is depending on the person..
Wanfa : It doesn't matter,  you can looking for others.
Zi : oke thank you

Wanfa : You're welcome