The Advantage of Online Transportation

            Online transportation is an operation of traffic and road transportation that relies on an application (technology) in the process. The process is ordering and payment. Online transportation has spread throughout Indonesia and currently one of the online transportation Service Company, that is Gojek has opened branches in Vietnam and Thailand. Even, Gojek Indonesia’s online transportation servie application is claimed to have contributed Rp 9.9 trillion each year to the wheels of Indonesia economy. This was stated in the results of a research entitled ‘socio-economic impact of applications on demand for the Indonesian economy’ which was published by the Demographic Institute of The Faculty of Economics and Business, University Indonesia (LD FEB UI) on Thursday (3/22). No wonder that online transportation can help the Indonesian economy because many people use this service due to the many advantages gained from this service.
            Online transportation is very simple. You only open the application and order what do you want. You only need to wait at your place without having to search conventional transportation. Beside that, online transportation is cheaper than conventional transportation. 
            One of the other advantages of online transportation is having a non-cash payment system using credit cards and e-cash. This is like Gojek and Grab. You only need to ake sure your credit balance is sufficient for payment. Even in Gojek, they even give discounts if you make payments with Go-Pay. In addition, so may promo code or voucher wich provided online transportationservices that make this service is very cheap.
            Beside to the people, the driver of online transportation also get many advantages. One of them is an incentive bonus. This incentive bonusis obtaine based on the number of passengers that have been take, how much distance has been taken, and the rating of the online transportation driver. In addition, sometime the passengers also give tip money to the driver.
            That is the advantage gained from online transportation such as cheap, simple, and comfortable. Not only the society that get advantages, but also the driver of online transportation also get advantages. Therefore, online transportation is ini great demand by the public.

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