The Advantage of Online Transportation
Online transportation is an operation of traffic and road transportation that relies on an application (technology) in the process. The process is ordering and payment. Online transportation has spread throughout Indonesia and currently one of the online transportation Service Company, that is Gojek has opened branches in Vietnam and Thailand. Even, Gojek Indonesia’s online transportation servie application is claimed to have contributed Rp 9.9 trillion each year to the wheels of Indonesia economy. This was stated in the results of a research entitled ‘socio-economic impact of applications on demand for the Indonesian economy’ which was published by the Demographic Institute of The Faculty of Economics and Business, University Indonesia (LD FEB UI) on Thursday (3/22). No wonder that online transportation can help the Indonesian economy because many people use this service due to the many advantages gained from this service. Online transportation is…


Purpose : To invite Dr. Nahar to spend a few days at Dr. Mijanur Rahman's Department.
Greeting : Dear Dr. Nahar
Contain : - invite Dr. Nahar to attend at Jagannath University
                - ask Dr. Nahar to present a seminar on his current research finding in the fiels of                                    Astronomy
Date : November and December
Place : Dhaka (Jagannath University)
Signature :
Your Sincerely,


Professor Dr. Mijanur Rahman


A.BACKGROUND A gadget is a device or instrument that has a practical purpose and functions are specifically designed more sophisticated compared to the technology that was created earlier. One of the gadgets that we often encounter is the cellphone. A mobile phone, known as a cell phone in North America, is a portable telephone that can make and receive calls over a radio frequency link while the user is moving within a telephone service area. The radio frequency link establishes a connection to the switching systems of a mobile phone operator, which provides access to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). In this day and age, we can say that the gadget is a staple to the community. The data of the Ministry of industry (Kemenperin) notes, there are currently 24 product component manufacturing company phones and tablets in the country. Meanwhile, based on the report of the e-Marketer, smartphone users active in Indonesia will grow from 55 milli…

Invitation Letter

August 28, 2018 Zidane Muhammad A Students of 3 High School Bandung
Dear Mr. Zidane Due to develop the interests of technology, science and the environment, The Department of Technology Bandung held a program with the title Technology for Environment (TFE). For that, as a representative of High School 3 Bandung ,we invite you to take part in a science workshop that will be held at : Day : Saturday Date : 1 September 2018 Place : Puspa IPTEK, Padalarang In connection with this, please attend on time with bring supplies and stationery. Thank you very much. RSVP : 089656733587 Sincerely yours




Aira : Fikri, have you choose the additional subject? I’m really confused.
Fikri : Of course, i choose German Language. Why must be confused? Is there any problem?
Aira : Well... can you please help me to choose the subject?
Fikri : Okayy... I think you should choose German Language. But why you don’t ask your mother? I think she knows you better than me.
Aira : My mom said that was up to me. It makes me confused.
Fikri : Hey my friend, your mom is right. It’s up to you. You must think the possitive and the negative first. And then think about whether the subject will be used by you later or not.
Aira : Umm... you’re just like my mother. But by the way, why you choose the German Language?
Fikri : I choose it because I’m dreaming someday, I will go to Germany and study there.
Aira : Wow, that’s such a great dream. You have a very great dream.
Fikri : Hahaha thank you. Umm, hey Aira, should we go to the canteen? I’m hungry.
Aira : Umm, I'm sorry, but it looks like I…


Additional Subject
Zidane : Hey wanfa, how are you? Wanfa : I'm good, and you? Zidane : I'm good too.  Hey, have you taken additional subject? Wanfa : No,  I haven't Zidane : So,  what will you choose? Wanfa : I don't know,  I haven't planned it. Zidane : Do you want to take Economic with me? Wanfa : I don't know.. Zidane : Come on, economic is fun, you can learn about inflation, umempolyment, etc Wanfa : I think I don'n like it Zidane : You can also learn about entrepreneurship Wanfa : Yeah, it's interesting. But, I feel difficulty learn economic Zidane : yeah, you can choose others. My suggestion, you can choose subject that you like and you think it's easy Wanfa : Yes, I think I will choose Germany , because it more funny Zidane : Yes, it is depending on the person.. Wanfa : It doesn't matter,  you can looking for others. Zi : oke thank you
Wanfa : You're welcome