Conversation about Future Plan

In the one day Kole ,Vred, And Xoni get together in the cafe.They talk about holiday plan on December.  Kole : Guys!! What will you do next holiday? Vred : I don't know... I haven't had plan yet. Xoni : Don't you have plan??? Vred : Yes. I do not have any plan. Kole : What abou you Xoni ? What will you option become plan? Xoni : My plan is I will to go to Bali next holiday because I have three free ticket to Bali. Kole : With whom will you go? Xoni : It is my problem. I don't have any friend to accompany me.  Kole : I have great idea.How if you invite us to accompany you. Vred : Yes, it is good idea. After all I'm free on holiday later. Xoni : Do you want? Kole & Vred : Yes.Of course. Xoni : Ok. Thank you. Kole ; No. We should be grateful.Thank you Xoni. When we departs? Xoni ; On Saturday,20 December 2017 Vred : Btw. Where will you go then in Bali? Xoni : Yes,it is my problem because I never to Bali. Kole : Keep calm. We just search the internet.…

My Unforgettable Experience

Appreciation Experience 
When I went with my family to supermarket , I experienced this possible because of my negligence. That time is afternoon, when I wanted to pray Asar,I entrusted my phone in my sister in her bag. And then I prayed Ashar . After I prayed ,I entered to the supermarket. After a while , I also asked back my handphone to my sister. And what happened? My handphone is gone. So, I was panicked. I blamed my sister, but my sister scolded me because I careless and negligent. Suddenly, my father's phone is rang there was an incoming call . Evidently, this calling is my mobile, so I'm very shocked and Immediately answered the phone. The person who called asked," Is this your mobile phone?It is left behind in mushola", I answered "Yes,that is my phone. The brand is LG,white colour", "Yes,oke this is yours.Let took it here." . So, I directly headed to the 1st floor and toward to mushola. There, there is a woman parents and I ask,"Mo…


New Friend
On the night party in the cafe. Ryan  : Hello,may I know you? I am Ryan.What is your name? Shoni : Yes,you can. My name is Shoni. Ryan  : Where are you from? Shoni : I'm from Surabaya,and you? Ryan  : I'm from Bandung. So far you are. And now,where do you live? Shoni : I live at Pendawa 14, in my uncle's house. Ryan  : Ohh,it's near from my house. I live at Ksatria 10. Did you just move here? Shoni : Yes. Now, I am 18 years old and I just accepted in ITB. What about you? Ryan  : I am 18 years old and I just accepted in UNPAD. Shoni : Because we will be neighbors,may I ask for your phone number? Ryan  : Sure. 089656738557 Shoni : Ok thanks. Btw, what're your hobbies? Ryan  : My hobby is culinary. Shoni : Really? What is typical food from bandung? Ryan  : There are surabi,siomay,cimol,bandros,peuyeum and many more. Shoni : Ohh surabi? I've tried it. It is so delicious. Ryan  : Not only surabi but also another very delicious , so you must try it. How ab…

Its All About Me

Hello!! My name is Zidane Muhammad Alfarisi. I was born in Cimahi on January 20th, 2002. I am student at 3 Senior High School in Bandung. I live at Komp. Bumi Pakusarakan B4-14,Tanimulya,Kab.Bandung Barat. It is far enought from my school but it is to be my motivation for more study diligent. My hobby is read comic. I have four siblings. Two sisters and two brothers.
I am a simple person.I'm also a thrifty person,but sometimes I also like to spend too much money,hehe. I like scout and also in Junior High School I ever to be a scout leader. In scout, I get much experience because scout have lots of activities in it. In scout ,I also had a scout competition because  in the scout, I am great in morse and scout passwords.
 First time, I join in 3 Senior High School,I join in group 1 at the time of the introduction of the school environment. Now, I'm in class X Science 2 in 3 Senior High School. I like math and science because of I join in Science Class. Three Senior High Schoo…