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Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins Tursiops truncatus ) are the most common and well known species of dolphins . Habitat is located in warm waters around the world and can be found in almost all waters except the Arctic Ocean and the Southern Ocean. Bottlenose gray nose dolphins that vary from dark gray at the top near the dorsal fin to a light grayish gray at the bottom. This color pattern makes them hard to see from the top and bottom. Adult nose dolphins have a length of between 2 to 4 meters and weights from 150 to 650 kilograms.
KINGDOM: ANIMALIAFilum: ChordataClass: MamaliaOrdo: CetaceaFamili: DelphinidaeGenus: Tursiops

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A.StoryThe Ugly Duckling
Once upon a time down on an old farm, lived a duck family, and Mother Duck had been sitting on a clutch of new eggs. One nice morning, the eggs hatched and out popped six chirpy ducklings. But one egg was bigger than the rest, and it didn’t hatch. Mother Duck couldn’t recall laying that seventh egg. How did it get there? TOCK! TOCK! The little prisoner was pecking inside his shell.
“Did I count the eggs wrongly?” Mother Duck wondered. But before she had time to think about it, the last egg finally hatched. A strange looking duckling with gray feathers that should have been yellow gazed at a worried mother. The ducklings grew quickly, but Mother Duck had a secret worry.“I can’t understand how this ugly duckling can be one of mine!” she said to herself, shaking her head as she looked at her last born. Well, the gray duckling certainly wasn’t pretty, and since he ate far more than his brothers, he was outgrowing them. As the days went by, the poor ugly duckling b…


I will share my experience at a cultural festival held by my school, Gathapraya.Gathapraya is a cultural festival held by SMAN 3 Bandung on September 30, 2017. Starting from the parade at 08.00 and we are allowed to enter at 12.00 and closed at 17.00.The festival is held in the field of Bali and has previously held its pre-event with the name Adhawikara.

I entered Gathapraya at 16.00 because before I have work I have to do first. At 16.00 I went to the festival Gathapraya.At the entrance gate, I hacked my ticket by the ticket officer first.After that, I was in impression.In the middle of the ride entrance there was a hallway that directed my way to the main place. There I found many of my friends. I immediately walked to the stage to see clearly every appearance. I also saw the appearance of Giri Harja there. After that there was the performance of the extracurricular collaboration of MK 3, KPA (angklung), and gamelan ren…


Hello! Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. Welcome back to my blog. My name is Zidane Muhammad A,I with my friend,M.Rafid Aria  just made an advertisement about one of the most beautiful architectural designs in the world, and that is the Merdeka Building in Bandung, Indonesia. 

This is our handmade picture.

Are you want to know more about Gedung Merdeka? Watch This Video! In our video,we will explain about Gedung Merdeka,from the located, the architecture, etc.So,don't forget to watch this and enjoy the video.
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Conversation about Future Plan

In the one day Kole ,Vred, And Xoni get together in the cafe.They talk about holiday plan on December.  Kole : Guys!! What will you do next holiday? Vred : I don't know... I haven't had plan yet. Xoni : Don't you have plan??? Vred : Yes. I do not have any plan. Kole : What abou you Xoni ? What will you option become plan? Xoni : My plan is I will to go to Bali next holiday because I have three free ticket to Bali. Kole : With whom will you go? Xoni : It is my problem. I don't have any friend to accompany me.  Kole : I have great idea.How if you invite us to accompany you. Vred : Yes, it is good idea. After all I'm free on holiday later. Xoni : Do you want? Kole & Vred : Yes.Of course. Xoni : Ok. Thank you. Kole ; No. We should be grateful.Thank you Xoni. When we departs? Xoni ; On Saturday,20 December 2017 Vred : Btw. Where will you go then in Bali? Xoni : Yes,it is my problem because I never to Bali. Kole : Keep calm. We just search the internet.…

My Unforgettable Experience

Appreciation Experience 
When I went with my family to supermarket , I experienced this possible because of my negligence. That time is afternoon, when I wanted to pray Asar,I entrusted my phone in my sister in her bag. And then I prayed Ashar . After I prayed ,I entered to the supermarket. After a while , I also asked back my handphone to my sister. And what happened? My handphone is gone. So, I was panicked. I blamed my sister, but my sister scolded me because I careless and negligent. Suddenly, my father's phone is rang there was an incoming call . Evidently, this calling is my mobile, so I'm very shocked and Immediately answered the phone. The person who called asked," Is this your mobile phone?It is left behind in mushola", I answered "Yes,that is my phone. The brand is LG,white colour", "Yes,oke this is yours.Let took it here." . So, I directly headed to the 1st floor and toward to mushola. There, there is a woman parents and I ask,"Mo…


New Friend
On the night party in the cafe. Ryan  : Hello,may I know you? I am Ryan.What is your name? Shoni : Yes,you can. My name is Shoni. Ryan  : Where are you from? Shoni : I'm from Surabaya,and you? Ryan  : I'm from Bandung. So far you are. And now,where do you live? Shoni : I live at Pendawa 14, in my uncle's house. Ryan  : Ohh,it's near from my house. I live at Ksatria 10. Did you just move here? Shoni : Yes. Now, I am 18 years old and I just accepted in ITB. What about you? Ryan  : I am 18 years old and I just accepted in UNPAD. Shoni : Because we will be neighbors,may I ask for your phone number? Ryan  : Sure. 089656738557 Shoni : Ok thanks. Btw, what're your hobbies? Ryan  : My hobby is culinary. Shoni : Really? What is typical food from bandung? Ryan  : There are surabi,siomay,cimol,bandros,peuyeum and many more. Shoni : Ohh surabi? I've tried it. It is so delicious. Ryan  : Not only surabi but also another very delicious , so you must try it. How ab…