I will share my experience at a cultural festival held by my school, Gathapraya.Gathapraya is a cultural festival held by SMAN 3 Bandung on September 30, 2017. Starting from the parade at 08.00 and we are allowed to enter at 12.00 and closed at 17.00.The festival is held in the field of Bali and has previously held its pre-event with the name Adhawikara.

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I entered Gathapraya at 16.00 because before I have work I have to do first. At 16.00 I went to the festival Gathapraya.At the entrance gate, I hacked my ticket by the ticket officer first.After that, I was in impression.In the middle of the ride entrance there was a hallway that directed my way to the main place. There I found many of my friends. I immediately walked to the stage to see clearly every appearance. I also saw the appearance of Giri Harja there. After that there was the performance of the extracurricular collaboration of MK 3, KPA (angklung), and gamelan rendition. After that, Tiloe's Theater had an amazing performance.

Yesterday, then adzan magrib also reverberate and I with my friends prayed Maghrib first. After the prayer, we went back to the stage to see the next performance. No less cool, next there was the appearance of a sand painter, Vina Chadrawati. Her appearance is very cool, she can paint well wear sand with themed culture. After that, there was peformed from Didi Nini Thowok.With his dance, he can amaze many audiences.

Because quite tired, I also went around first to find food. Many stands that sell food there. After I got the food, I sat in the middle of the field to eat and enjoyed the song from Elephan Kind.

The peak is performed from Hivi. I was back standing near the stage to see his performance. His music can comfort the mind and eliminate the strees. There, we rejoicing excitedly at Hivi's song.

Before closing, there is a last performance that is not less cool, that is Giring Nidji. Her passionate voice, reviving our spirits and waking us from sleepiness because it's night. It was the first festival I visited in Sman 3 and it was so cool, kind, and amazing.Thank you Gathapraya.