My Unforgettable Experience

Appreciation Experience 

When I went with my family to supermarket , I experienced this possible because of my negligence. That time is afternoon, when I wanted to pray Asar,I entrusted my phone in my sister in her bag. And then I prayed Ashar . After I prayed ,I entered to the supermarket. After a while , I also asked back my handphone to my sister. And what happened? My handphone is gone. So, I was panicked. I blamed my sister, but my sister scolded me because I careless and negligent. Suddenly, my father's phone is rang there was an incoming call . Evidently, this calling is my mobile, so I'm very shocked and Immediately answered the phone. The person who called asked," Is this your mobile phone?It is left behind in mushola", I answered "Yes,that is my phone. The brand is LG,white colour", "Yes,oke this is yours.Let took it here." . So, I directly headed to the 1st floor and toward to mushola. There, there is a woman parents and I ask,"Mom, do mom save my handphone?" ,she answered,"This one?","Yes,of course",and then she give me my phone and I say thank you,"Thank you very much,maybe its phone hasn't entered yet in my sister's bag and we didn't know it. So, when we went to supermarket,its phone was falling behind in mushola.I'm so thank you of you." And then ,we all went to back to their respective place and Alhamdulillah my handphone still safed.

The conclusion is there are still many honest people in this world and we must appreciate for their honesty and imitate their honesty so that honesty does not become rare in this world.Goodness will unforgettable.