Its All About Me


Hello!! My name is Zidane Muhammad Alfarisi. I was born in Cimahi on January 20th, 2002. I am student at 3 Senior High School in Bandung. I live at Komp. Bumi Pakusarakan B4-14,Tanimulya,Kab.Bandung Barat. It is far enought from my school but it is to be my motivation for more study diligent. My hobby is read comic. I have four siblings. Two sisters and two brothers.

I am a simple person.I'm also a thrifty person,but sometimes I also like to spend too much money,hehe. I like scout and also in Junior High School I ever to be a scout leader. In scout, I get much experience because scout have lots of activities in it. In scout ,I also had a scout competition because  in the scout, I am great in morse and scout passwords.

 First time, I join in 3 Senior High School,I join in group 1 at the time of the introduction of the school environment. Now, I'm in class X Science 2 in 3 Senior High School. I like math and science because of I join in Science Class. Three Senior High School is my dream.Therefore,in Junior High School I make every effort for realize my dream and I'm so happy join in 3 Senior High School.

In 3 Senior High School I want to join in Trilogi and DKM AL-Furqon because in Senior High School I want to get some medal from some championship. Another my dream is I want to Japan because i like comic and anime Naruto and i want to meet Mashashi Kishimoto. Dreams are something we can not get by just keeping silent and waiting, but we must make every effort to make it happen. Therefore, we must effort and pray for realize it. 

For those of you who read this, wherever your school is, keep trying and praying that your dreams can be achieved. :)