New Friend

On the night party in the cafe.
Ryan  : Hello,may I know you? I am Ryan.What is your name?
Shoni : Yes,you can. My name is Shoni.
Ryan  : Where are you from?
Shoni : I'm from Surabaya,and you?
Ryan  : I'm from Bandung. So far you are. And now,where do you live?
Shoni : I live at Pendawa 14, in my uncle's house.
Ryan  : Ohh,it's near from my house. I live at Ksatria 10. Did you just move here?
Shoni : Yes. Now, I am 18 years old and I just accepted in ITB. What about you?
Ryan  : I am 18 years old and I just accepted in UNPAD.
Shoni : Because we will be neighbors,may I ask for your phone number?
Ryan  : Sure. 089656738557
Shoni : Ok thanks. Btw, what're your hobbies?
Ryan  : My hobby is culinary.
Shoni : Really? What is typical food from bandung?
Ryan  : There are surabi,siomay,cimol,bandros,peuyeum and many more.
Shoni : Ohh surabi? I've tried it. It is so delicious.
Ryan  : Not only surabi but also another very delicious , so you must try it. How about you? Do you   like culinary too?
Shoni : Not too. I prefer to paint.
Ryan  : What are you painting?
Shoni : Much, is like beautiful scenery, people, and much more.
Ryan  : How do you think about this bandung city?
Shoni : It is very beautiful city. Many parks that can be a place to gather, entertainment and others     and the people is very polite.
Ryan  : Thank you for your appreciation for Bandung.Nice to meet you.
Shoni : Nice to meet you too.
Ryan  : Let's go there it seems like the show will start!
Shoni : Yes. Come on.