Conversation about Future Plan


In the one day Kole ,Vred, And Xoni get together in the cafe.They talk about holiday plan on December. 
Kole : Guys!! What will you do next holiday?
Vred : I don't know... I haven't had plan yet.
Xoni : Don't you have plan???
Vred : Yes. I do not have any plan.
Kole : What abou you Xoni ? What will you option become plan?
Xoni : My plan is I will to go to Bali next holiday because I have three free ticket to Bali.
Kole : With whom will you go?
Xoni : It is my problem. I don't have any friend to accompany me. 
Kole : I have great idea.How if you invite us to accompany you.
Vred : Yes, it is good idea. After all I'm free on holiday later.
Xoni : Do you want?
Kole & Vred : Yes.Of course.
Xoni : Ok. Thank you.
Kole ; No. We should be grateful.Thank you Xoni. When we departs?
Xoni ; On Saturday,20 December 2017
Vred : Btw. Where will you go then in Bali?
Xoni : Yes,it is my problem because I never to Bali.
Kole : Keep calm. We just search the internet. Oke gugel..beautiful tourist spot in Bali.
(Gugel : Shows Kuta beach)
Vred : Yes,Kuta beach only. I heard from people that the place is very beautiful.
Xoni : I also think it is very good. I look in the picture that the Kuta beach has beautiful secenery.
Kole : Why we not hiking to mount? It is very fun although it's so tired.
Xoni : No, I don't like to hiking.
Vred : Yes,I also.
Kole : Oke, we have already agreed to holiday in Kuta beach.
Vred : Wait the minute... Only Kuta beach??
Kole : And then,what will we do after from Kuta beach.
Xoni : How about we go to another tourist destination,is like museum or Dewata's statute.
Vred : Yes.. It is good .I heard Dewata's statue is the place famous also in Bali.
Kole : Ok. I also agree. Our second plan is to Dewata's statue.
Xoni : I think we must bring much money because the sourvenir in Bali it's good.
Kole : Yes,we also must to rent villa or hotel in there.
Vred : I think only villa because it is not too expensive.
Xoni : Yes. I agree for it.
Kole : Ok. Do you want to order some coffee?
Vred : Yes. I'm forget to that..
Xoni : we are too cool to talk until forget to ordering. Hahahaha